Client Feedback

“She can be stern and funny all at once and at the end leaves you no choice but to want to be the best version of yourself. Her knowledge and experience in helping to create the healthiest version of yourself is unlike any other program I have tried.”

She corrects me always saying “health” coach, not “life” coach but Jeri changed my life. I NEVER even considered making the changes she has guided me through; I NEVER had someone who would provide the education, guidance and personal, caring support and motivation to provide me with the opportunity to leverage my desire to lose weight and convert that into a completely different mindset – not focused on the numbers on the scale but something so much more impactful. I would NOT have made these changes if not for Jeri.

— 50+ Year Old Female executive leader for global law firm

The coaching experience has been nothing short of transformational! I love that I have a new design for living and it is centered around my health. Over the last 5 months or so, I have learned that what goes into my body has a huge impact on the rest of my life. And by introducing a few things each time, it made the transformation very manageable. I didn’t feel like I was ever “suffering” from any of these changes.

— 40+ year old male startup ceo

I was suffering from some health conditions that Jeri was able to solve permanently. I was not getting any better from traditional treatments for the flu. I had been sick over an eight-week period. Jeri’s protocol was very effective in helping combat these issues. Was back to work the very next day.

— 50+ Year Old male ceo for financial services company

Unfortunately, trying to navigate the current health care system can be daunting - at best. But Jeri was an invaluable resource - identifying not only pertinent, up-to-date information about the old and new health issues, but also providing relevant websites, potential physicians and hospitals, etc. that I possibly would never have found without her.

— 70 Year old female Active retireE 

After being diagnosed with colitis, she helped me understand the condition and various root causes. She provided natural options to prescription medications and included a variety of lifestyle approaches to incorporate these changes into my diet and life. She helped me heal my gut. 

— 60+ year old female Active retiree