Services Overview

Programs and Offerings

A 6-month health coaching program provides everything you need to accomplish your health goals while feeling well-supported along the way.  For new clients, I highly recommend this program as it provides ample time to make permanent behavior changes, see tangible results and overcome “life” hurdles which inevitably occur over 6 months.   

That said, I offer customized plans to suit individual needs.  This includes weekly and biweekly sessions,  3 and 6 month options, individual consults and maintenance options for program "graduates", and corporate options for enlightened employers.  Program content, duration, frequency and pricing vary depending on your needs.  We collaborate on the best program for you.


In full disclosure, the program is a mental, emotional and financial commitment targeted toward individuals who choose to make their health a priority.


60-90 minute initial health history review/consultation.  Thereafter, 75-90 minutes per session.


During our time together, we will accomplish any of the following: health/wellness content review/discussion, navigating options for health issues or concerns, movement/fitness session, grocery shop or food demonstration/prep. Every individual is unique and so is your coaching program. 


Proven Outcomes

You will make better health decisions if I coach you. You will establish smart goals and accomplish them. You will have a partner and an advocate along the way. And we will have fun too! Client testimonials speak for themselves.

360 Degree Coaching

There is more to wellbeing than the food you eat. Holistic health coaching calls for an exploration into other lifestyle factors that impact your health and wellbeing  such as career choice, relationships, exercise and spirituality.

Meeting You Where You Are

No matter where you reside on the health continuum, I meet you there. And with the help of technology, my clients can be coached from anywhere.

Navigating with You and for You

Our health care system is complex and often frustrating. I help you find alternative options, if need be, and collaborate with your health professionals.

Walk the Talk

A health coach may not be for everyone, but many of us, including me, benefit from being coached. Like you, I am in training every day to be the best version of myself. Change is not easy, but small steps lead to meaningful outcomes.

Six Month Program Summary




Out of the gate you will focus on detoxification and nourishment.  We will assess your current approach to nutrition and health promoting/limiting habits and behaviors. You will build on your strengths and manage your weaknesses, such as cravings for sugar and/or processed food, waning energy, and foggy thinking.  Simultaneously, we will engage in movement- fitness sessions individually and together to further enhance energy, improve sleep and nourish your mind and body. And you will learn how to choose and prepare nutrient dense meals, drinks and snacks.



Next you will explore new behavioral and lifestyle approaches to reduce stress, enhance self- care and kick habits that block you from progressing toward your health goals as many individuals are challenged with breaking free from self-sabotage.  During this phase of the program, I help you engage with and navigate the health care system- collaborating with your health providers, as desired and appropriate. Holistic health coaching and functional medicine are aligned and complementary in their approach as both center on a deeper understanding of an individual’s uniqueness and include targeted approaches that address your goals and needs.



During the final phase of your program, you will have implemented multiple actions consistently- leading to a sustainable approach to achieving your health goals.  You will also experience tangible results from the impact of everything coming together – health-promoting nutrition, regular movement, and behavior changes that support your unique lifestyle.  These results often include weight loss, increased energy, improved clinical lab results, new health-promoting habits, better sleep, greater appreciation for movement, healthier eating and cooking, more informed choices regarding health providers and approaches to solving complex health conditions, a more positive life outlook, greater strides toward achieving life goals and numerous tips and approaches to share with family and friends.