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Because coaching is a partnership, individuals who aim to do their very best benefit the most from coaching. This includes motivated individuals who are busy getting at their life and in doing so, have inadvertently neglected their own self-care. These individuals are focused achievers. They value what they know and smartly outsource what they don’t know. They are coachable and goal-oriented.

How is a health coach different from other health professionals?

Many health professionals focus on one specific area of health. For example, dietitians and nutritionists hone in on your diet and how you feed your body. Personal trainers focus on moving your body and getting you more physically fit. A holistic health coach takes a comprehensive approach to assessing an individual’s overall health, inclusive of diet, exercise, career, relationships, and other factors. Health coaches help detect and mitigate blocks that prevent individuals from achieving their health goals. Each client is unique and as such, a customized approach is developed together. Health coaches and clients are partners in developing personal goals and key action steps with coaches serving to guide, educate and ensure accountability. 

Health coaching is about empowering individuals to make sustainable lifestyle changes. Because ultimately, you are your best health advocate. A coach will hold you accountable- making sure you really do live up to your potential.



The more negative responses, the greater chances you will benefit from a health coach.

• Have you established and achieved your personal health goals?
• Do you consider yourself of optimal health?
• Do you prioritize your health daily?
• Do you feel like your life and all its components are in balance?
• Have you brought your authentic self to the table- personally, professionally, emotionally, physically and spiritually?
• Do you believe that many chronic conditions could be prevented and/or made better with lifestyle changes?
• Do you have effective tools to realize your full health potential?
• Do you have a safe place to explore your priorities and put your health first?
• Do you have an advocate to help you navigate the health care system, including fostering a partnership with your doctor(s), as appropriate?
• Do you have a partner who knows your specific health history and who will guide, educate and keep you accountable for achieving your health goals?

CAN I USE MY HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT to pay for health coaching?

The International Association for Health Coaches (IAHC) is diligently working to pass legislation that would clearly define Health Coaching as an allowable pre-tax expense in Health Savings Account expansion bills. S.403 and H.R.1175 were introduced by Senator Hatch (R-UT) and Representative Paulsen (R-MN) to help make health coaching more affordable for our clients. However, with a letter of medical necessity from your physician, health coaching could very likely be covered.