About Me


I know how it feels to experience less than optimal health and to take a new approach to achieve it.

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I am a life-long student of health and wellness- constantly evolving my thinking and deeply committed to helping others achieve optimal health and wellness. As a mother to a special needs son, and a seasoned health policy professional with a science–health background, I bring a mother’s heart, as well as unique insight, knowledge, and experience to my health coaching practice. 

I became a coach because I get to change someone’s life in about 3 to 6 months.  And when you get healthy and feel better- you can accomplish your life goals.  Today we rely too heavily on evaluating symptoms to diagnose conditions when root cause has not been identified and natural remedies and lifestyle changes have not been tried or fully implemented. Most people are simply unaware of the choices available to treat certain conditions or support their health goals.  And we live in a society that wants everything right now- including a fix to health issues while taking the path of least resistance to get it. However, lifestyle changes are critical to building a foundation for long-term health and to prevent chronic conditions.